4 Effects Of Spending Time With God

I want to share about the effects I’ve been seeing in having time with God in the mornings. I have never been really good at this, to be honest.

In the past few months though, I’ve been getting more consistent at going out in the morning before work and spending time reading the Word and talking with Jesus.

Here’s what I’m seeing change…

The more I do it, the more I miss it when I don’t.

The more we surrender ourselves, the more we miss the fruit of being close to Jesus when we turn back to trying to live on our own. In John 15, Jesus tells us to simply abide in the Vine. So as you get life in the Vine, when you detach to do your own thing…you feel hungry for that life only He can bring.

The more I do this, the less I choose my old sin.

I’ve battled selfishness, lust, pride, all of my life. I’ve tried to do it on my own with lists, promises, and resolutions.

It’s never worked.

But when I’m choosing to go after His heart, I see that I just don’t desire those old patterns anymore.

The more I do it, the more revelation I’m having.

What is revelation? I’ve been realizing that revelation can be the applied Word – in other words, when I realize what the Word actually means for my life. When I ask the Lord what to do, He uses the Word and prayer to answer. Sometimes he inspires me through a book that helps me get a new perspective, or hearing what someone else is learning with God.

We test all things with the Word, but revelation is application. ¬†And when I don’t spend time alone with God, I don’t get that.

The more I do it, the more I become like Him.

I get inspired. I dream bigger dreams. I live more confidently in the identity He’s given me. I get more excited to max out the gifts that He’s given me. I don’t despair about the world, I look for how I can better represent His love.

My weaknesses are pulled out as He replaces those spaces with new character.

Jesus saved us so that we can live close with Him – so that we’d never be separated ever again.

Spending time with Him is like a relationship. As we seek Jesus, we grow closer and more into who we are created to be.

It’s so good!



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