I have been realizing and discovering this funny thing about humans. We desire one core thing: connection.

As I’ve been realizing this, I see this desire all around me. I see it in myself.

Every single person desires connection.

We don’t just want connection to information or ideas, but to relationship.

Ironically, we are connected more than ever through technology, but feel more disconnected.

I was on an airplane this week. Looking around, everyone was on their phone or buried in a movie.

It made me consciously put my technology away and just be.

To my delight, I sat next to this wonderful person and we had a conversation for most of the flight. I got to pray with her about her family and we talked about Jesus.

It was the highlight of my trip!

I wouldn’t have experienced that new friendship if I had been pre-occupied in scrolling, scrolling, liking, scrolling, and really just wasting time.

It’s so remarkable that we are so willing to go online for connection, but what we really want is personal connection.

I want to really know others and to feel actually known myself.

This is universal. A good desire that God has put within us.

I don’t want to live life where I lack connection and search for it through Instagram, Facebook, texting, YouTube…whatever technology is the latest – but actually miss out on the people who are right in front of me who want to connect too.

There is rich connection and relationship to be had all around us.

Wherever you and I go, there are people who are looking for meaning and encouragement. They too have desire for connection. They too want, deep down, to know God and be known by God.

I don’t want technology to become the idol where I search for that connection and desire.

Relationship is found in Jesus. What’s cool is that my relationship with Jesus then fuels authentic relationships with others.

Let’s be encouraged to lift up our heads, set down our phones for a while, and open up to the adventure and wonder of getting to know others.



Hey, I'm Andrew. I'm living for Jesus and writing about all the things that I get to learn and grow in. I have passion for Jesus, people, music, economics, the ideas of liberty, and having adventure.

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