Create Yes, But Relate Always

I’m inspired by people who create.

Bethel Music, Coldplay, Apple, Phil Wickham, Casey Neistat, Paul David Tripp, Francis Chan, Toyota – these are a few people (or groups of people) who inspire me.

However, I’m realizing creative people who channel their vision well, are people who love others well.

You see, creating things is wonderful – but I’m learning that creating at the expense of relationships, values, or unity is not worth the cost.

Without the foundation of relationship, the creative process is undermined. It’s pretty hard to create when you blame everyone else for problems, or there’s dissension, or fear of meeting a standard.

Meeting a certain expectation is never more important than relationship.

We thrive and grow when we’re welcomed to be vulnerable and creatively express our gifts – not when when we live in fear of meeting a standard. I realize, that healthy expectations can help us push beyond our boundaries.

As I step back though, I remember how Jesus lived and loves. He welcomed me before I chose Him, he welcomes me when I fail. He loves before and beyond me. Each time I mess up, he invites me home.

He offers love which makes a way for me to be made new and more like Him. I couldn’t meet the standard of righteousness, but His put relationship first so I could be reconciled.

When it comes to creativity and to our eternal life, fear closes doors, love swings them wide open.

It’s so important to prioritize loving others well, and to just let the creativity happen.


Hey, I'm Andrew. I'm living for Jesus and writing about all the things that I get to learn and grow in. I have passion for Jesus, people, music, economics, the ideas of liberty, and having adventure.

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