In The Desert

I spent yesterday in the desert in Moab, UT.

It was my first time camping in the intense desert sun.

The realities of water and shade and food became ever present. Honestly, I wanted to go back to the cool forests of Colorado.

Instead of complain, I sat down and asked God what he wanted to teach me.

I realized how desperate I need to be for God. I get caught up in my own strength and skills and looks and efforts – but I can’t make the rain, I can’t set the stars, I can’t warm or cool the day.

In our modern day (which I’m so thankful for industry and inventions and the free market) we have this amazing blessing of being beyond the struggle for these basic life needs.

I forget how close I am to being thirsty or hungry when in the modern convenience of life – I can go to a coffee shop, or an amazing food place, without having to resource all the food, process it, cook it, and then eat it.

As I sat on that rock next to the geyser in the desert, I realized I can get beyond the basics when it comes to living life with God.

I begin to depend on the church, the worship, the teaching, or how well my life is going at the moment for my spiritual health.

I expect them to resource the spiritual truth, process it, and then serve it up to me.

I can’t expect others to do what only God can do.

If I do, I can so easily miss that God is enough.

His love is enough. When I’m in the valley or on the mountain. When I’m in the cool or in the desert.

He wants to live life with me. He has hope for me. He has a future for me.

These moments in the desert will precede moments by the river.

I will see joy and hope and peace.

I will see the dreams He’s put on my heart fulfilled.

As I sat there, in the midst of my physical thirst and my spiritual turmoil, I came back to the truth that Jesus has only hope planned.

He only has good intentions for my life. He will come through because He always has. It’s who He is.

In the desert, there is a river coming.


Hey, I'm Andrew. I'm living for Jesus and writing about all the things that I get to learn and grow in. I have passion for Jesus, people, music, economics, the ideas of liberty, and having adventure.

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