In the process

Something I’m learning right now is that there is a beauty in the process.

For the past few weeks I’ve been thinking about all sorts of things. We’ve had a crazy election, I’ve had a ton of projects going on, doing some cool ministry, dreaming for what’s next and wrestling with the moment.

You see, in the moment it’s my tendency to look for something more to satisfy.

There’s always another project I want to do, or somewhere else I’d like to be, something I’d like to be better at.

And I can be in constant motion trying to attain the latest thing that I think will finally satisfy. Too busy to enjoy the moment.

Maybe the unsatisfying things are moments where God’s teaching me. Maybe those aspects where I feel like I’m not fulfilled are sweet moments to depend on the Lord and ask Him to fulfill me.

I know that God has incredible things for everyone he created – you and me alike.

In this process of getting to where I want to be or dream of being, I don’t want to let worry, stress, or fear, steal the beauty of the process.

Even our life with God is a process. There’s always more to understand, more to discover. We can live in the reality of eternity right now, but we are on the road to spending eternity with God.

This journey is a process.

In Philippians 1:6 it says that “he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus.”

He will finish what he started.

Even though I’m not where I hope to be, that’s okay. I can trust Him because everything Jesus says is true. But sometimes I don’t trust.

When I don’t trust Him, I try to take things into my own hands. This looks like mapping out every detail of life, trying to have everything certain, trying to get perfection out of myself and others. And I’m left with worry, stress, frustration, and unhappiness.

Trust releases all of my striving and trades it for the peace only brought by knowing Jesus.  And knowing he has come through and will always come through.

In the process, He is here.

I’m deciding to be intentional about stopping to look for the ways He is providing in the process.

Even when I don’t like what I see on the surface of right now, I’m taking a moment to look for what He’s doing.

Cause His intention is to make me more like Himself and every season is an opportunity see those good things happen.






Hey, I'm Andrew. I'm living for Jesus and writing about all the things that I get to learn and grow in. I have passion for Jesus, people, music, economics, the ideas of liberty, and having adventure.

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