Lord, Are You Good?: An Honest Conversation

\\computer opens.

\\I ask myself a few questions, “What’s going on in my life? What’s in the depths on my heart. What should I write?”

\\An honest conversation.

\\”But this is the internet.”

\\It’s okay, go ahead.

\\”Oh, boy.”

\\Well, here goes….

“God, you are good. And yeah, I know to some that sounds cliche.

Even to me, often I wonder.

Do I believe it? Do I mean it when I say it? Are you really good? Will you really come through?

I look all around and to be honest, Lord it seems like everyone else is having their dreams and desires met.

Cool Instagrams, epic opportunities, beautiful relationships, wonderful announcements…

Are you really good?

If you are, why do I feel like I’m getting missed? I know feelings come and go and perspectives change, but Lord in this moment it’s how I feel.

I feel like, ‘Hey what about me? Am I not doing enough? Did I miss the boat? How long, God?’ I know these are just feelings. But they’re real.

God, I KNOW you’re good.

Why? Cause I’ve seen your goodness in my own life.

You’ve redeemed me from who I was. You know me even better than I know myself. You know who I was. You saw who I was before you came into my life and you know who I am without you.

I’ve made so many mistakes Lord, but still you’ve shown waves of mercy.

Every time depression or selfishness or worries tried to steal, you’ve led me to rivers of joy.

When I’ve tried to accomplish my dreams and rush on ahead, you’ve gently shown me to rest.

You’ve reminded me who I am and who You are.

You’ve got this.

You’re the Creator.

You’re a wonderful friend.

A righteous Defender.

A faithful Provider.

A good Father.

A selfless Savior.

You are good.

And You alone can satisfy. ¬†You’re worth all of my attention and satisfaction and dreams.

In every season, you alone are the reason to sing.

Just because YOU ARE Jesus, I have reason to be full of thankfulness.

Lord, you hear my cry. You hear where I’m at.

Your dreams are even greater than mine. You’re plans for me are even better than what I could dream.

So Jesus, show me how to be completely satisfied in you. I want to be in awe of you, not in awe of things.

Accomplish the dreams that you’ve placed inside. Do what you do. Father, would you do a good thing?

I know you will, cause you alone are God. You’ve always been good and you’ll always be good.”






Hey, I'm Andrew. I'm living for Jesus and writing about all the things that I get to learn and grow in. I have passion for Jesus, people, music, economics, the ideas of liberty, and having adventure.

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