presence or presentation?

I’m asking myself a question – with Jesus am I after a presentation or presence?

Before you think I’m weird and question my theology here, think about areas of life.

In relationships, do you just want a presentation from the person you like? Or do you really want to be in their presence? Of course you want their presence. Someone can sit down and put on a good presentation on a date, but you have to go beyond that presentation in order to really know and be known.

In a job, you can put on a great presentation in a job interview, but your future boss doesn’t know who you really are until she looks beyond your sharp suit and resume to your character, personality and ability to create value.

So what about with Jesus?

In church, do we want a presentation or the presence?

I don’t know that presentation and presence are mutually exclusive, but I wonder if when we focus on presentation we miss the simplicity and power of God’s presence.

When we focus on presentation – in any area of life – we miss out on the reality of who that person is.

What if it’s the same with Jesus?

What if Jesus wants us to be in His presence and to really know him. What if the church’s presentation is secondary to the church being a place where God’s presence is found?

In other words, what if the church would focus on being a place where people can encounter God’s presence, and therefore the presentation, i.e., our looks, the music, the lights, all are cool but incidental?



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