What is a Christ Centered Relationship?

What I’m learning is that a Christ centered relationship sees life as this: to bring Jesus glory and reflect Him to this world until eternity. Marriage exists to help us become more like Jesus and Him in our life.

What God is doing – what life is about – is way bigger than the awesomeness or difficulties of marriage and singleness. Continue Reading

For the Testing

The past few months have been a time of pretty intense testing. God has been changing up my goals, my relationships, employment, even where I live. Life has been in this place of uncertainty.

It has definitely been difficult. It has also been really exciting. Through it all, God is bringing growth. I heard a short message from the Encounter conference where Banning Liebscher was talking about the Welsh Revival in the early 1900’s. For two years prior, there were people who were called to pray. Then God brought revival. Continue Reading