The Internet And The Free Market

There’s an amazing thing happening in our world, right under our eyes. It has transformed our lives, yet many don’t even recognize it. While central planner types, run around trying to get elected by claiming that they can make all the right decisions, the world is changing without them.

Let’s look at the world.

In our time, you can literally become an expert in any field that you want, with $100 and an Amazon account. Think about that. Still not satisfied? Even if you don’t have $100 there are thousands upon thousands of resources that freely dispense knowledge and expertise.

The barrier to access information and become skilled has never been lower.

Google will freely connect you with the very answers you need in 0.0007 seconds.

It’s mind-blowing.

Blogs exist for every niche profession, Khan Academy makes school fun, Mises Institute and The Foundation for Economic Education teach economic smarts, Code Academy will equip you to be a coder, thousands of Youtube experts can show you how to become everything from a master musician to a swing dancer to how to build a home.

You can be broke and STILL have access to resources to make yourself smarter.

The information age is showing us the reality and wonderous possibilities of a free market – where goods and services are voluntarily exchanged.

The old way is the idea that you have to pay $100,000 to go to a specific building where knowledge can be learned.

With the internet, with incredible services like Amazon, Ebay, Youtube, and iTunes, that is downright silly.

Information isn’t contained within four walls anymore.

Politicians and government policies have spent 50 years taxing people in order to subsidize the old way – to make college more affordable for students – which has only made costs higher.

While central planners have been busy trying to defibrillate the old system by forcing everyone to pay for it, the world is leaving that old way in the dust by creating new ways to learn.

The result? The lowest costs and greatest accessibility of all-time.

That is the free market at work – it is made up of people like you and I – people who voluntarily exchange their smarts and skills to serve others.

Whether it’s for profit or for charity, this creates wonderful things.

That’s the future. And that’s the real world.

Central planners assume that they have enough knowledge to use force to make others live their way. They assume that with force they can order the world.

In the real world, people don’t take what they think is right and force it on others – they look for needs and create things that meet those needs. 

Look at the sectors of life that politicians (central planners) have tried to make decisions for – housing, cars and transportation, education, health care, energy, the environment – the result is always to subsidize what once was or what they think is right.

Meanwhile, the world moves on as people create new efficient things and get around those silly mandates and laws.

The independent – the libertarian – the classical liberal, men like F.A. Hayek, Henry Hazlitt, and Fredric Bastiat, recognizes that the world is constantly changing to meet constantly changing demands. It’s foolish to think that the right President or Governor or planner has the smarts or experience to make decisions about everyone’s lives – when force is their only tool. The politician is limited to listening to interest groups, supporters, and other central planners who assume their way is right.

The libertarian sees that in the real world, needs are met, order happens, and wealth increases when people are free to spontaneously and voluntarily interact.

I am hopeful that we are going to see great advances in technology, health care, energy, education and other areas of life, as people and the businesses they run are free to meet the needs around them.

Information has shown us that liberty is the platform that lets this happen.




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